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October 2016

A famous exhibition goes to the end….

From Oct. 19th to 26th, 2016 T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG presents itself on the K-fair 2016. After famous eight fairdays, we want to say “THANK YOU” for all visitors on our stand! Not only our faithful customers, but also a lot of interested persons are curiosity on our new highlights from the Michel team on the K-fair. We are looking in a successful future with a good feeling!


October 24th,


Innovation - filling technology

T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG and Kurtz GmbH are cooperate at once. The target of  both technological leader – T. Michel Formenbau as moulds- and toolmaker for the plastic processing industry and Kurtz as plant manufacturer for machines of particle foam manufacture – is, the filling technology substantial develop and set innovational impulse on an increasing market.

By agreement of fair working together, both companies has make a joint venture to start a new product.


Please visit us on the K 2016

T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG - Hall: 13 / D93

Kurtz GmbH - Hall: 13 / B27


October 21th,


T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG goes for products from

M1 – Sporttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, 85653 Großhelfendorf (Germany) – style and functional through innovation.

Both technical leaders on your own areas are characterised through working future oriented – under using of modern process engineering and materials.


T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG

K 2016 Düsseldorf – Hall 13 / D93


October 20th,


cooling system FOG Jet

Through the use of the new developed cooling system, named FOG Jet, we will optimize the cooling operation in your production process.



- saving water consumption up to 60 %

- reduction of the maintenance requirement approx. 90 %

   - the maintenance could be on install condition

- the modification of your mould is easily doable



Feel free to contact us – we will available for you.


October 5th,




- digital measuring with a probe-head:

- foam pressure -1 up to 9 bar

- foam temperature up to 200 °C

- cavity temperature up to 200 °C

- the analysis of the data is independent of your production machine:

- about a separate visualization/logunit or

- about the control in your production machine (4-20mA


Your advantage:

- flexible and timely optimization of the parameter preferencesaround

   the production process

- guarantee reproducible process- and quality-assurance


Our further temperature- and pressure-sensors collect data directly on the cavity, so that these data can’t biased by long measurement distances.



Feel free to contact us – we will advised you around the MIC probe and the other temperature- and pressure-sensors.


September 2016

news release

Learn more about the surface of the future and see our report in the technical journal: werkzeug&formenbau



August 10th,



With the purchase of a digital macroscope for 3D-measurements we can repeatable remeasure the texture in µ-range – so we can digitize the individual texture desire or we can check the surface quality of the existing textures.

The precise implementation offers you an optimal solution for a fast realization your texture desire. In just a few steps, we create an applicable digital image from your texture sample. Subsequently this texture can be lasered into your mould.





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